About Muse

Muse is a personal meditation assistant that can help take your meditation practice to new heights. Great for beginners, Muse gives you accurate, real-time feedback on what’s happening in your brain while you meditate. It teaches you the essentials of meditation and provides milestones and rewards motivate you to commit to a daily meditation practice. A lightweight, comfortable brain sensing headband connects wirelessly to the award winning, easy-to-use phone/tablet app. Muse makes meditation easier.

Muse measures your brain’s natural electric field from outside your head while you meditate. At the end of your session, you are presented with a graph that presents these data in a way that helps you reflect on that session. The graph divides your session into three regions:

  • Active: This is time spent with a wandering mind. Your attention was fluctuating. Whenever you notice your active mind and bring your attention back to the breath, you are awarded with a recovery.
  • Neutral: This is your natural resting state. You attention isn't fluctuating, nor are you deeply focused.
  • Calm: A deep restful focus on your breath. These are moments when you're truly concentrated on your breath. If you're calm for long enough, you'll hear birds

The percentages for calm, neutral and active represent the proportion of time spent in each state during the session. Note that Muse is tailored to focused attention on breath. Other meditations may lead to unexpected results. 

Calm Points: 

Calm Points are awarded for time spent meditating with a restful, focused mind. You receive 1 point for every second that your brain is in a natural state of rest (neutral), and 3 points for every second spent with deep restful focus on your breath (calm).

You don't receive any points for time spent active, but an active mind is very useful. When your mind is active, treat it as an opportunity to notice your wandering mind and bring your attention back, earning yourself a recovery.


When you find a deep, restful focus on your breath for an extended period of time, you'll start to hear birds singing. Often the excitement of hearing a bird can scare it off and you'll hear it fly away. Don't worry, this is part of the process! Over time, you'll learn to use the birds as a cue to settle even more deeply into focused attention.